Motorola MC Micro Audio Modification


Cut the left jumper (JU602) and solder together the right jumper (JU601) for FLAT audio

Change the three resistors (R614 – 33kOhm, R615 – 100kOhm and R616 – 100kOhm) to half the value: ~15kOhm, 47kOhm, 47kOhm.



Change capacitor C608 – 33nF to 1nF:



Solder a 10uF electrolytic from pin 4 of U551 to pin 3 of the DB15 connector (cut pin 3 and change from the original audio output to this).


    • John Gumb
    • April 21st, 2013

    what does this modification actually do? My McMicro could do with a bit more treble.

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