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Interface for Echolink/eQSO portable use

Today I built my self an PTT interface to use for applications like Echolink and eQSO etc while on the run. The interface was made for a presentation at my local hamradio club (sk0ux) to show how easy it is to build this kind of stuff.

Some pictures of the interface, without the audio cables installed though.

If you want the schematic for this, just add a comment and I’ll make one for you!

Web Controlled I/O 2.0 DONE!

I just finished soldering together my second version of the webswitch. Everything is working as expected but I still have to solder the cables to every connector and also add one relay.

The finished board. You can see the old board in the background.


Took a while to solder this…. The next step is to make my own PCB made from eagle =)

Web Controlled I/O 2.0 Beta

I’ve begun building the new board for my webswitch, this time to fit in a DIN-mounted enclosure.

A sneak-peak of the board:

Got an enclosure for the webswitch

Today I went by Kjell & Company and found out that they had started selling a DIN-mounted enclosure I’ve been looking at for some time (Elfa). The price was most adequate and also cheaper than Elfa. With this I also bought a new veroboard that fits perfectly. With this I will make a new webswitch board and try to scale down everything as I got the right veroboard this time!

Web Controlled I/O 1.0

Finally it’s done!

After some programming issues, I’ve completed the device and everything is working as expected! The only thing was the ethernet controller that had some packet losses, but this was resolved by changing the value of the resistor going to RBIAS (it was the wrong value for this revision). Now I have 100% pings and the webpage is accessible in some milliseconds!

The whole circuit draws about ~100mA when not using any external relays.